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Legends Shogun Rua, Jose Aldo and Royce Gracie speak to the media about what it means to have the UFC come to Brazil in August 2011.
UFC in Rio presser: Shogun, Aldo, Gracie
Dec 21, 2010
Brazilians Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort battle for the middleweight belt in February - hear them talk in Rio about what it means to fight one another and for their country.
UFC in Rio presser: Silva, Belfort
Dec 21, 2010
Clay Guida's New Year's resolution: Make a title run in 2011 that starts with dominating Takanori Gomi.
UFC 125: Clay Guida pre-fight interview
Dec 20, 2010 1:35
Brian Stann belongs at the next level and plans to prove it in the Octagon at UFC 125 against fellow striker Chris Leben.
UFC 125: Brian Stann pre-fight interview
Dec 16, 2010 1:15
Chris Leben readies his lethal left for what he hopes will be a stand-up war against Brian Stann.
UFC 125: Chris Leben pre-fight interview
Dec 16, 2010
In the final minutes of the final round of the final fight in WEC history, Anthony Pettis delivered a the ultimate highlight reel knockdown - see him back in action at UFC on FOX 6 on January 26.
Anthony Pettis - The Kick Heard Round the World
Dec 17, 2010 :15
WEC: Henderson vs. Pettis premieres online at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT Saturday, December 18th - or catch it on TV on Versus at 11 pm ET/8 pm PT.
See WEC: Henderson vs. Pettis again
Dec 17, 2010 :40
UFC 125's Brian Stann proved he's more than just a striker with this skillful submission over Mike Massenzio in August.
Submission of the Week - Stann vs. Massenzio
Dec 17, 2010
Yes, that just happened - hear from new WEC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis after his Fight of the Night performance and fifth-round highlight-reel kick.
WEC 53: Anthony Pettis redefines The Matrix
Dec 16, 2010
Dominick Cruz retires his WEC belt - and gains the UFC Bantamweight championship - with an impressive win over Scott Jorgensen. Hear who he'd like to fight in his first UFC title defense. Visit to see all the night's results.
WEC 53: Cruz becomes the UFC's first Bantamweight Champ
Dec 16, 2010
See bantamweight contender Scott Jorgensen as he eats, trains and preps for a war he knows he can win.
WEC 53: Dinner with Scott Jorgensen
Dec 16, 2010
After winning a nationwide contest to bring the WEC to their town, the residents of Glendale rally behind lightweight champion Ben Henderson before his headlining fight.
WEC 53: Glendale Comes Out to Support Its Champ
Dec 16, 2010
See the entire weigh-in from the final WEC show.
WEC: Henderson vs. Pettis weigh-in
Dec 16, 2010
Ultimate Insider Ep. 19: Learn to fight from Gray Maynard, peek backstage at UFC 124 and get a preview of the New Year's Day show.
Ultimate Insider: Backstage in Montreal, Fight School and more
Dec 16, 2010
One Octagon chess match to determine a champion and a bout between two men who've fought wars outside the cage as well -- watch live January 1.
UFC 125 extended preview
Dec 15, 2010
At UFC 124, Jim and Dan Miller became the second pair of brothers to fight on the same UFC card... and the first pair to both win on the same night. Hear from trainer Mike Constantino about why it worked.
UFC 124: Miller Brothers
Dec 15, 2010 1:30
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